Not every attorney is equipped to defend a client facing murder charges. When so much is in jeopardy, it is critical to hire a seasoned criminal defense attorney who knows what it takes to provide strong, effective defense and who is committed to protecting the rights of clients. At the Fort Myers law firm of Ringsmuth, Day & O'Halloran, we have the experience and tenacity to defend clients charged with murder, manslaughter or other homicide charges in Florida.

Experienced Fort Myers and Bonita Springs Manslaughter Attorneys

Our attorneys have significant experience both prosecuting and defending clients in homicide cases. We understand how cases are built. We understand complex evidentiary issues. We also understand how innocent people can face charges because evidence was slanted a certain way or because a jury relied heavily on unreliable eyewitness testimony. This knowledge better equips us to prepare a solid defense strategy designed to achieve results.

Our Fort Myers homicide attorneys do not rely solely on the evidence held by law enforcement. When building a violent crime defense case, we work with medical examiners, forensic specialists, crime scene analysts, psychiatrists and other experts to prepare a compelling case.

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to defend clients facing all levels of Florida homicide or manslaughter charges, including:

  • First-degree murder (premeditated murder)
  • Second-degree murder (homicide caused during the commission of a crime or when performing an extremely dangerous act)
  • Manslaughter (involuntary manslaughter and voluntary manslaughter)
  • DUI manslaughter/vehicular manslaughter

Defending Clients Under Florida Stand Your Ground/Self-Defense Laws

Our attorneys stay abreast of changes in the law to ensure we provide clients with the most effective counsel possible. We have comprehensive understanding of Florida's controversial self-defense laws, and know what it takes to defend clients under this doctrine. If you used deadly force when facing imminent threats to your life or property — either in your home or out in public — we can present a self defense strategy that demonstrates you were doing nothing more than using the same force or less to protect yourself or someone else who was facing imminent danger.

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