Driving Under the Influence of prescription medications or drugs

Driving under the influence of drugs is a serious offense and carries the same consequences as driving under the influence of alcohol. You may be prosecuted for D.U.I. even if you have taken medicine that has been prescribed by a doctor.

Lawful possession of prescription medication does not entitle a person to drive under the influence of the drug to the extent their normal faculties are impaired. If you are impaired by a controlled substance you may be prosecuted and convicted of D.U.I. The consequences for a conviction on a drug-related D.U.I. can be require probation, the suspension of your driving privilege, fines, court costs, jail time, among others.

Be sure that you have strong representation on your side to ensure that your rights are protected at all times. At the law firm of Ringsmuth, Day & O'Halloran, our Fort Myers drugged D.U.I. attorneys only work with clients represent clients arrested in Lee County. We pursue every option available in an effort to reach the best possible outcome for each client.

Building the Strongest Possible Defense on Your Behalf

In the majority of drug-related D.U.I. cases, blood or urine tests are used to confirm the presence of intoxicants in your system. When you hire our firm, our attorneys work to ensure that the police had the right to request the test, that the results were provided in a timely manner, and that the test results are accurate.

If we find that there was anything improper about the way the evidence was gathered, we will seek to have the evidence suppressed and the charges dismissed. We understand how overwhelming these situations can be and the impact they can have on your life. We will do everything in our power to protect your rights and keep your record clean.

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