Decades of Experience in Drug Possession and Sale Cases

When you are arrested for possessing a large quantity of drugs, the attorney you select can make a significant difference in how your case is handled and in the outcome. Inexperienced lawyers, or lawyers who do not focus their practice on criminal defense, may miss important pieces that can help mount a strong defense.

Our Lee County Drug Sale Attorneys Can Help

At the criminal defense law firm of Ringsmuth, Day & O'Halloran, we focus our practice exclusively on defending individuals in Lee County who have been charged with a drug crime or other criminal offense. We have the knowledge and skills necessary to counsel our clients effectively and provide them with the relentless defense representation that is necessary in their cases.

Our Fort Myers drug possession attorneys provide effective defense representation to clients facing charges involving:

  • Drug possession: Our law firm has extensive experience defending clients facing all types of drug possession charges, ranging from simple marijuana possession to more serious drug possession cases, including heroin or cocaine possession, illegal possession of prescription drugs, possession with intent to sell or other possession charges.
  • Drug sale or delivery: Florida does not distinguish between sale and delivery. Therefore, you could face the same charge and potential penalties, even if you were only involved in a small piece of the drug deal.

Whether you have been charged with drug possession, drug sale or delivery or any other drug offense in Lee County, you can count on our firm to work hard to protect your rights and future. We do not rely solely on the evidence held by law enforcement. We complete a thorough independent investigation to help build your defense strategy. We vigorously attack evidence that was obtained illegally, such as drugs that were confiscated in an illegal search and seizure or evidence obtained through any other violation of your rights. This weakens the prosecution's case against you and strengthens your defense case.

Sale and Trafficking of Prescription Pills. With prescription drug abuse on the rise in Florida, many people are finding themselves in trouble with law enforcement. What many do not realize is the difference one pill can make in prescription drug charges. Drug offenses involving more than 39 OxyContin pills increase the charge from prescription drug sale or delivery to prescription drug trafficking charges — which can result in larger fines and a mandatory prison sentence if convicted. Regardless of the charges, it is important to have skilled aggressive guidance from a drug crimes attorney who cares about the outcome of your case as much as you do.

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