Florida Student Code Of Conduct Violations

Is Your College Student Facing Expulsion From School? Call Lee County, Florida, Student Attorney Danielle O'Halloran.

Colleges and universities often have a student code of conduct that may include provisions regarding staying out of legal trouble in the community. A college student arrested for sexual assault, underage DUI or drug charges in Lee County not only faces serious criminal penalties but may also face an administrative disciplinary hearing at his or her educational institution for student code of conduct violations, no matter what the outcome of the charges may be.

"Following a criminal charge in Lee County, college or university administrative sanctions can range from a reprimand to expulsion from school. As your experienced local legal representative, I will work zealously to protect your student's future." Attorney Danielle O'Halloran

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Is your college student facing expulsion or disciplinary action from his or her school, call Lee County, Florida, administrative hearing attorney Danielle O'Halloran of Ringsmuth, Day & O'Halloran, PLLC, in Fort Myers. She has experience investigating administrative disciplinary hearings cases and effectively defending students against the harsh punishments that can result from sanctions.

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