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Addiction may lead you down a rocky path that ends in arrest

It is not unusual for individuals to question how they ended up in certain situations. In some cases, people may have made a poor decision that had a domino effect that resulted in their landing in serious predicaments. Unfortunately, in cases of drug addiction, it may only take using a substance one time for an individual to become addicted.

Once you suffer from an addiction, it may seem as if your every thought focuses on when and how you will get your next fix. As a result, you may end up going down roads you may not have considered before the addiction took control of your life. Although some people may simply want you to change your ways and get back on track, overcoming a drug addiction is no easy task.

Will you need an ignition interlock device to get to work?

Facing DUI charges in Florida or elsewhere is definitely no small matter. You may think back on the day police arrested you and wonder if it was all worth it or if you'd have been much better off choosing non-alcoholic beverages when you dined with friends that night. You may also be one of many motorists who know they only had a very small amount of alcohol in their systems and are convinced the results of their Breathalyzer tests were faulty.

Although it's sometimes possible, with regard to the latter, to challenge evidence, not all challenges are successful, and you could still face conviction if things don't go your way in court. If you do wind up with a DUI conviction on your record, your daily life may undergo drastic changes beginning with your means of transportation. You could possibly retain driving privileges; however, state law may require you to install an ignition interlock device before you get behind the wheel.

It's my first DUI in Florida. What is going to happen?

Facing criminal charges of any kind can be overwhelming. This is especially true when you are facing a drunk driving charge for the first time and are unsure of what will happen and what you should do next. Florida drivers charged with a first-time DUI could still face significant penalties if convicted.

Regardless of your criminal history, you would be wise to take your DUI seriously. It is always worthwhile to confront your charges appropriately, seeking the best possible outcome to your individual situation. With the right help, you may be able to preserve your interests, protect your personal freedom and avoid the inconvenience of certain DUI penalties.

Drug convictions could derail student financial aid

As a Florida Gulf Coast University student, you likely enjoy many of the activities that come along with your education. You may make new friends, attend events, learn interesting subjects and find out more about yourself during these formative years. Of course, during this time, a little trouble may sneak its way in as well.

Though skipping a class or failing an assignment may not make a substantial difference in the long run, other actions could easily put your education and future off the rails. For instance, if you have drug-related charges brought against you, you could face legal consequences as well as lose federal financial aid in the event of a conviction.

The ammunition in your carry-on bag may trigger big problems

Florida airports are often crowded, busy places and you may have experienced a time or two when you barely boarded your flight on time because of delays at the check-in counter or security checkpoint. When you're trying to reach your destination on time, you may get a little stressed and start to worry whether you've remembered to pack your essentials, labeled your bags properly or remembered to bring your passport if you plan to leave the country.

If one of the items you packed in your luggage happens to be a firearm, you obviously want to research the strict regulations for doing so ahead of time or you may wind up in a heap of trouble at the airport. In addition to the rules at a particular airport facility, you also need to look into gun laws of the state and local government where you'll be landing.

A fake ID can mean real trouble

For many young people, summer is over, and they have already returned to their colleges and universities to resume their studies. College is a heady time, full of new opportunities and freedom they may not have had at home. You may remember your own college days well and hope your child has positive and rewarding experiences.

You are likely not fooled into believing that your child will travel through his or her college days without tasting alcohol. In fact, it may be difficult to resist the lure of friends' invitations to parties, bars and gatherings. If your child is underage, he or she may be tempted to procure a fake ID in order to access alcohol in these situations.

A DUI checkpoint can be a turning point

You see the signs and lights ahead and realize you are stuck. There is a DUI roadblock, and you can't turn back. Maybe you had a couple of beers earlier in the evening, and you're sure police will smell it on your breath. If they do, what will happen? Will they arrest you? Will they search your car? If they do, what will they find? Are checkpoints even legal?

These questions may flood your mind in the moments while you sit in line waiting to pass through the checkpoint. Checkpoints seem to be part of life in Florida, especially around holidays like New Year's and July Fourth. While some states have banned them as unconstitutional, Florida uses checkpoints frequently as a way to identify and deter drunk drivers.

Assault? Battery? Do you know of which crime you've been accused?

Finding yourself in a heated situation can cause you to feel a variety of emotions. You may feel afraid because the incident has escalated more quickly than anticipated, and you may also feel uncertain as to the best way to handle the predicament. Unfortunately, heated arguments or other incidents can sometimes turn dangerous or violent, and the authorities could become involved.

If you end up facing criminal charges as a result of such an event, you may wonder how the exact charges could affect your situation and how you could potentially handle those charges. In cases of suspected violent incidents, assault and battery charges typically come about. However, you may not know the difference between these two crimes.

Charged with DUI while vacationing in Florida

Florida is a beautiful state with miles of beaches and various forms of entertainment available for people of all ages. As such, it is a popular vacation destination for couples, families and even single travelers. However, what happens if, while vacationing here, you are ultimately arrested and charged with DUI after spending a night on the town?

Obviously, you will have a lot of questions about how an out-of-state criminal charge will affect you. The truth is, facing an out-of-state crime can land you in double the trouble.

Don't let your firearm trigger problems on the flight you booked

Whether you're a full-time resident in Florida or just passing through for business reasons or personal vacationing, you may be one of thousands who use flight services at one of the state's many airport facilities. It's no secret airports can be crowded, noisy, busy places that often contain groups of stressed out, frustrated people who are trying to reach their destinations to no avail when airlines cancel or delay flights, or when desk attendants make ticketing errors.  Most airports advertise positive customer service experiences.

Complications and issues with Transportation Security Administration regulations, however, can bring a happy flying day to an abrupt halt. Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, airports nationwide bumped up their security. Before you board a flight, it's crucial to thoroughly research all requirements, prohibitions and laws regarding issues such as firearms, baggage and what you may or may not do on an airplane. Seeking clarification of passenger regulations ahead of time can prevent potentially serious problems in the air.

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