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Charged with DUI while vacationing in Florida

| May 19, 2017 | Blog |

Florida is a beautiful state with miles of beaches and various forms of entertainment available for people of all ages. As such, it is a popular vacation destination for couples, families and even single travelers. However, what happens if, while vacationing here, you are ultimately arrested and charged with DUI after spending a night on the town?

Obviously, you will have a lot of questions about how an out-of-state criminal charge will affect you. The truth is, facing an out-of-state crime can land you in double the trouble.

Will I only face consequences in Florida?

Not likely. If arrested and charged with a DUI while vacationing in Florida, you may be subject to punishment in both Florida and your home state as well. It may seem wrong, but that is how it works thanks to the interstate driver’s license compact and reciprocity agreements.

What happens if both states do press charges?

That could mean a whole lot of traveling for you. You may have to attend court hearings in Florida and your home state. Not only will this add to an already stressful situation, it can get costly, and fast.

What will happen to my driver’s license?

The only state that can take your driver’s license away is the one that issued it to you. It is possible, however, that the state of Florida will suspend your driving privileges when you are in that state.

If, for some reason, your home state revokes your license while you are in Florida, your legal counsel can help you take the steps necessary to get it back.

What are the potential consequences if convicted of a DUI in Florida?

This, of course, will depend on the details of your case. Common consequences include jail time and fines, though a judge may consider alternatives to traditional punishments. These might include the moving of your case to a pre-trial diversion program or the ordering of community service, among other options.

Don’t leave your case to an out-of-state attorney

Florida DUI laws may not be the same as those in your home state. As this is generally the case, an attorney with a vast knowledge of Florida DUI/criminal law can assist you in achieving the best outcome possible for your situation. To accomplish this, your attorney will carefully review your case and question the evidence. You and your attorney can then plan and execute a skillful defense strategy.