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Defending yourself after a drug-related DUI

| Feb 10, 2018 | Blog |

Criminal charges can change your life, regardless of how minor they seem. In Florida, drivers charged with DUI could face a myriad of serious consequences, and those facing drug-related DUI would be wise to take quick action to defend their interests and build a strong defense.

Any type of drug can affect a driver’s physical abilities and his or her cognitive function. Whether you have a prescription for the drug you took or you consumed an illicit drug, you could face life-altering consequences if convicted of a drug-related DUI. Many people do not know that DUI charges are not only for drunk drivers but drivers intoxicated by drugs as well. It is possible to fight these charges, and a conviction or guilty plea is never your only option.

What’s the big deal about drugged driving?

Drugged driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. Florida laws allow for the same penalties for drugged driving as they do for drunk driving, and it is wise to take your case seriously. Consider the following facts about drugged driving:

  • Even some prescription drugs can make it dangerous to operate a vehicle after consumption.
  • Like alcohol, drugs can affect the way a driver thinks and acts, which will in turn affect his or her driving abilities.
  • The way that a drug will affect a person depends on the type of drug it is. Even minor drugs, such as marijuana, can make it unsafe to drive.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges related to drugs, including DUI, you may find it helpful to seek immediate defense help. A conviction can bring penalties that include time behind bars, steep fines, administrative penalties and more. There is a lot at stake, but you have the right to fight these charges, defend your interests and take the appropriate steps to shield your future.

You don’t have to fight for your future alone

When facing such serious charges, there is a lot at stake. However, there are ways to fight the case against you. From fighting the validity of the initial traffic stop to challenging any blood or urine test, you can work to build a strong defense suited to your needs and objectives.

A DUI is serious, but with help, you can pursue a beneficial outcome. There is no time to lose in seeking defense help and a full explanation of the legal options available to you.