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Understanding what triggers domestic violence

| Jan 30, 2019 | Uncategorized |

The first thing to understand is that nothing excuses violence in the home. A spouse who uses violence as a way of controlling his or her partner may rightly face criminal charges and severe penalties. You probably understand this, but may still be facing accusations of abusing your partner or another member of your household.

It may be difficult for you to pinpoint the exact moment when your anger takes over your reason, and you may have many ways of justifying what happens after that. Understanding some of the common factors in domestic abuse situations may help you deal with your own emotions and even seek appropriate counseling.

Substance abuse and violence

The role of drugs and alcohol in domestic abuse is debatable. Some researchers see a definite connection, particularly with alcohol, which tends to escalate aggression and impair judgement. Some studies show that almost 80 percent of abuse occurs while the abuser is drinking heavily.

Other researchers are not convinced substance abuse plays any part in domestic violence. Nevertheless, you may see the changes that take place when you are drinking or using drugs. So even if that connection is not universal, you may have control over the violence in your home if you can control your drug or alcohol use.

Infidelity and mental illness

New studies indicate that domestic violence is almost always linked to suspicions, accusations or history of cheating. This may be a trigger in your relationship. You and your partner may have a simple disagreement until one of you reminds the other, either intentionally or unconsciously, of some perceived or real infidelity. This seems to flip a switch, and the argument turns violent.

You may also find yourself losing your self-control if you suffer from untreated mental illness, such as depression or suicidal tendencies. These health issues can lead to serious, even deadly situations unless those who suffer from them seek the help and treatment they need.

Facing the music

If you are dealing with the aftermath of domestic violence accusations, you have every reason to be concerned about your future. A conviction for domestic violence can have long lasting repercussions that affect your job, your freedom, your relationships and your future. Seeking the assistance of a legal professional is a wise move. In addition to representing you in your defense against criminal charges, your attorney can guide you to the most appropriate resources to help with your underlying issues.