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What actions count as domestic violence?

| Dec 27, 2019 | Uncategorized |

If you are facing allegations of domestic violence, you know how these allegations can affect virtually every area of your life. From your ability to remain in your home to seeing your children, these are serious accusations against you. Thankfully, you have the right to fight back, challenging the claims of the other party and any injunction against you.

You may find yourself surprised by allegations of domestic violence. Often, these claims stem from disagreements between spouses or child custody contests. There is a lot on the line for you, and it can help to start simply by learning more about what actions or behaviors may count as domestic abuse and how you can fight back against them.

What actions could be domestic violence?

When people think about domestic violence or abuse, they probably think about physical acts against another person. It often surprises people to learn that this type of behavior actually includes various actions that do not involve any physical contact. Examples of domestic abuse include: 

  • Emotional abuse – This includes behavior that includes persistent insults, critical statements or the attempt to humiliate the other person on a regular basis. Many people don’t understand that this counts as emotional abuse.
  • Financial abuse – This happens when a partner works to keep the other party from having financial independence. This may include keeping a partner from getting an education or working outside of the home.
  • Physical abuse – This is the most recognizable form of domestic abuse. This includes using force against a person to cause harm or exert control, even if it’s just minor contact or contact that occurs just a few times.
  • Psychological abuse – This is a type of abuse that includes actions intended to intimidate or control another person. This can be anything that is threatening, harmful, coercive or fear-causing.

You could face allegations of domestic abuse, or your partner could get a protective order against you even if there was no physical contact. These cases often involve one person’s word against another, and they are difficult to prove. 

Defending yourself starting now 

You do not have to face these types of allegations in silence or assume there is nothing you can do to fight back against charges of domestic abuse of any kind. In reality, you can vigorously defend yourself with the help of an experienced Florida attorney committed to your best interests. These are serious accusations, and you would be wise to take immediate action to shield your rights and your future well-being.