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Expulsion hearings and fighting for your child

| Aug 27, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Even after your child moves to college, you will still do anything in your power to help him or her succeed. As a parent, it is concerning to learn your child is facing the threat of expulsion from school because of legal trouble or a violation of school rules. This could have serious implications on his or her future, which is why it is important to take action to fight back.

It is likely there will be a hearing regarding the potential expulsion. A Florida college student has the right to fight back against the allegations brought by the school, confront the documentation and protect long-term educational interests. It is in the interests of your loved one to secure defense counsel and pursue a beneficial outcome to this complicated matter.

Building a case

A college or university will first build a case against a student before moving forward with an expulsion. This may include witness testimony from other students who witnessed any wrongdoing. Students have rights, and there may be problems with a testimony from someone who is not willing to speak at a hearing or give permission to use his or her name. In addition to an administrator speaking with alleged witnesses, there is written documentation used against a student.

The rights of college students

A college student has the right to a hearing before an expulsion. This may be before a board of trustees or a disciplinary board. He or she also has the right to have legal counsel speak, challenge evidence and ask questions about the investigation. An expulsion could have irreversible consequences on your child’s future, and even if there are no formal criminal charges, it is critical to fight for his or her ability to stay in school.

Where should you start?

If your child is in trouble at school, it is prudent to take immediate action to secure defense counsel. There is a lot on the line, and it may be necessary to have a legal professional advocate for your son or daughter’s legal rights and educational interests.

An assessment of the individual situation can help you understand how to move forward with the appropriate course of action. With the right help, you may be able to preserve your child’s interests and help prevent an expulsion that could have devastating consequences on long-term educational and professional opportunities.