Strong Representation When The Odds Seem Against You

Domestic violence is taken extremely seriously in Florida, and the police will take decisive action if they feel that someone is in danger. Actual physical contact doesn’t even need to take place for a restraining order to be issued. In some cases, just the fear of harm can be enough to have you removed from your home. A restraining order will effect you for the rest of your life. Domestic violence convictions require mandatory adjudication, which means that a conviction stays on your record permanently. Those convicted of domestic violence must also complete a 27-week battered spouse class. Additionally you should be aware that any plea to a lesser offense stemming from an arrest for DV Battery is currently ineligible for expungement under Florida Law, even when the court withholds adjudication.

The law tends to favor alleged victims in these cases, and it is important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. At the law firm of Ringsmuth, Day & O’Halloran, we provide strong representation to clients who are facing charges for any type of domestic violence or battery offense.

Working To Protect You Rights And Your Freedom

Our Fort Myers domestic violence attorneys have extensive experience in these cases. We take the time to listen to your side of the story and learn everything we can about the incident. We will review the statements of the alleged victim and any witnesses, and look for inconsistencies we can use to your advantage. We will also advise you on any existing restraining orders or injunctions. We are committed to helping you reach the best possible outcome that is possible in your case.

Our only goal in these cases is to successfully defend you. If the prosecution has a solid case, however, we will work to obtain the best possible plea agreement. First-time offenders may also be eligible for the Domestic Violence Misdemeanor Diversion Program.

We also represent clients in cases involving assault, battery and other violent offenses. In many of these cases, it comes down to your word against the other person’s. We will present the strongest possible argument on your behalf and do everything we can to preserve your rights and your freedom.

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