Domestic Violence Injunctions

Comprehensive Legal Guidance For Restraining Orders

From our offices in Fort Myers, Ringsmuth, Day & O’Halloran, PLLC, represents clients in need of legal assistance with matters related to restraining orders and other types of domestic relations civil injunctions in Florida. All of our attorneys are former prosecutors with years of experience in the area of domestic relations injunctions and violations defense.

If You Need To Seek A Restraining Order Against Another Party

If you feel threatened by a person with whom you share or once shared a domestic relationship, don’t wait to see whether the situation will improve. Call our offices in Fort Myers immediately to begin the process of petitioning the court for a restraining order or other appropriate level of civil injunction. Having a civil injunction is the protection you need on your side while you work through domestic disputes or legal issues with the other party. We will move your petition through the courts efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

If You Are Fighting A Restraining Order Placed Against You

Having a restraining order or other type of civil injunction placed against you is a court decision. Violating it can result in serious criminal charges. If you have received word that you are facing a civil injunction that may impact your parenting rights or access to your home, call our office to discuss your options. Do not knowingly violate the order.

If You Are Accused Of Violating A Civil Injunction

Knowingly violating a civil injunction can result in a misdemeanor charge against you. In many cases, people are charged with restraining order violations simply because they were not aware of the full extent of the limitations placed against them. If you are facing charges, call us right away to get experienced criminal defense representation on your side.

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