Marijuana Possession And Distribution

Guarding Against The Consequences Of A Drug Conviction

While other states may be passing laws to legalize the use of marijuana, possessing and distributing it in Florida are still illegal. Getting caught with less than an ounce in your possession can result in a misdemeanor charge. Less than an ounce can still result in the loss of your driver’s license, fines, probation and even jail. State and federal prosecutors are quick to tack on distribution charges as well if they believe you were in possession of more than an amount for personal use.

Distribution And Possession Of Marijuana Are Serious Drug Charges That Can Carry Serious Penalties

Possession of high quantities of marijuana can allow prosecutors to add additional charges that may carry mandatory minimum prison sentences under Florida state statutes.

Although typically charged as a misdemeanor, don’t take marijuana possession charges lightly. Your criminal history will include a drug charge for anyone with public access to see. Pleading guilty to the prosecutor’s agreement may seem like an easy way out, but it will mean having a conviction on your record that could remain there forever, potentially affecting job applications, acceptance to educational institutions or even qualifying for loans and mortgages. Even if the agreement doesn’t include time in jail, you must do everything you can to avoid a conviction. Currently under Florida state law, a conviction for even a misdemeanor drug charge carries a two-year driver’s license suspension in addition to any other sanction imposed by the court.

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