Identifying The Errors That Led To Your Conviction

If you were wrongfully convicted of a crime, you have the right to appeal the decision if the judge made errors. Appeals are complex matters, and it is important to have an attorney on your side who understands the appellate process.

At the law firm of Ringsmuth, Day & O’Halloran, our Fort Myers appellate lawyers have helped countless clients in both state and federal criminal appeals. Our experience and knowledge of the law enable us to find the errors that led to your conviction. We have what it takes to challenge the court’s erroneous decision in appellate court.

Working To Correct The Errors In Your Case

Our attorneys handle appeals for our existing clients as well as those who hired different attorneys for their criminal cases. We are admitted to handle appeals in all Florida state courts and in federal court before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. The appellate process begins with the filing of a notice of appeal. You have limited time from the date of sentencing to file this notice. Missing the deadline precludes you from challenging the conviction. If you hired an attorney who failed to file the timely notice of appeal we may be able to petition the court to allow you to file a late appeal.

When you hire our firm, we will conduct a complete review of your case, find any errors and prepare the appellate brief to be submitted to the court. Most appeals are decided based solely on the merits of the brief alone. Many attorneys allow the appellate brief to stand alone before the court. We always request an oral argument so we have the opportunity to present the strongest arguments on your behalf to the court.


We also handle writs of habeas corpus and other types of writs for our clients. A writ may be necessary when an automatic right to appeal does not exist. It is a formal request of the court to hear a challenge on an otherwise unappealable issue. We have experience handling a variety of writs, such as challenging motor vehicle hearing decisions and writs of habeas corpus if you have been denied bond or have received excessive bond.

Discuss Your Appeal With Our Attorneys

Contact our office today to discuss your appeal. We will give you an honest assessment of your case and explain how we can help. You can reach us by phone at 239-332-2500 or via e-mail.

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