Crimes Against Children

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Crimes against children are among the most vigorously prosecuted cases in Florida. The internal policies of the state attorney’s office limit the discretion of the prosecutors to resolve these cases. They are often all or nothing matters where the state wants prison time or permanent registration as a sex offender. Among the public and law enforcement, there is seemingly a presumption of guilt. Child abuse and molestation cases are a difficult battle from the outset. If you are being accused of any type of crime involving a child, you should contact our experienced Florida criminal defense lawyers immediately.

The mere accusation of harming a child can have a significant impact on your life. Friends, colleagues and others will make judgments about you before you have even gotten a chance to answer the accusations. You need strong representation from the beginning. At the law firm of Ringsmuth, Day & O’Halloran, our Fort Myers child abuse attorneys have substantial experience defending clients against a variety of charges involving crimes against children.

Protecting your rights, we will work diligently to beat the child abuse charges against you. We will work to determine if the child had any motivation to lie and challenge the credibility of the accuser or their guardian, closely examine all of the evidence and try to find mistakes, inconsistencies and outright lies. We frequently take sworn statements of potential witnesses and look at timelines, dates, locations and alibis in an effort to disprove the allegations against you.

We represent clients in all types of these cases, including:

• Child molestation
• Solicitation of a minor
• Child neglect
• Child abuse
• Child endangerment
• Child pornography

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