Solicitation Of A Minor

Aggressive Representation To Guard Against Harsh Consequences

Communities in Florida take sex crimes against minors very seriously. Assistant state attorneys (prosecutors) are given every resource they need to aggressively seek a conviction and get sex offenders off the streets. If you are being accused of soliciting a minor on the internet or in the community, get an experienced, skilled criminal defense attorney right away.

At Ringsmuth, Day & O’Halloran, PLLC, your attorney won’t judge you for the sex offense you are charged with. We believe that, in America, people are innocent until proven guilty. We also believe that everyone has the constitutional right to vigorous and effective legal representation.

Severe Minimum Mandatory State Or Federal Prison Sentences

State and federal statutes related to solicitation of a minor carry some of the most severe minimum mandatory prison sentences. In addition, both state and federal prosecutors have the ability to tack on additional charges against you. Such charges can include traveling to meet the minor, use of a two-way communication device and other related offenses. This often increases the penalties to include a severe mandatory minimum prison sentence.

Often, the police organize undercover sting operations to trap people unfairly into a solicitation charge. Our attorneys are very familiar with successful defense strategies to protect our clients against these sting operations.

If you have been accused of soliciting a minor, child abuse or any other crime against a child, you face a very real risk of having your name placed on the Florida sex offender registry. The registry is often the heaviest part of the punishment you face and can destroy your future. We will work aggressively to help you avoid a conviction that could result in a registry punishment.

Discuss Your Case With A Skilled Attorney

Call 239-332-2500 to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our experienced Fort Myers criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible. In many cases, the prosecutor or investigator may have been gathering evidence for many weeks or months in a chat room sting operation. Don’t give them the advantage of more time.

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