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From our offices in Fort Myers, Ringsmuth, Day & O’Halloran, PLLC, provides aggressive representation for people facing charges for violent misdemeanor and felony offenses in state and federal court.

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If you have been charged or feel you might be charged for assault, battery or a homicide offense, call us at 239-332-2500 to put us at your side immediately. In many cases, the prosecutor’s office will file the charges that carry the most serious and lengthy state prison sentences. We make sure your rights are protected from the initial investigation, arraignment and bail hearing to the final resolution of your case.

Our experience includes (but is not limited to) working with offenses such as:

• Assault: Typically defined as an attempted violent or forceful act against another person, which includes the intent to cause injury. No actual contact with the victim is necessary. Depending upon circumstances, assault can be charged for making threats of violence or behaving in a threatening manner. If there is clear criminal intent to cause injury or harm, and a weapon is used, felony aggravated assault may be charged.

• Battery: Florida recognizes a separate criminal charge for battery, generally defined as the intentional physical contact with another person without his or her consent, and in an offensive manner. Misdemeanor battery charges can result from any intentional physical contact without consent from the victim. Felony battery generally requires an incident resulting in serious physical injury.

• Domestic violence: Under Florida statutes, there are no separate charges specific to domestic assault and/or battery. Domestic assault and battery only refer to the familiar or familial relationship between the perpetrator and the victim. The charges are handled the same way but there are some mandatory sanctions imposed by the statutes, including a no-contact order and an anger management course.

• Homicide: This generic term relates to any act that results in the death of another person. Homicide charges are typically separated by intent, with various degrees specific to the level of intent to kill. First-degree murder, for example, requires both premeditation and criminal intent to kill. Lesser degrees of murder may be charged if there was intent to kill but the act occurred in the heat of the moment. Manslaughter refers to a criminal act of negligence or misconduct that resulted in the loss of another person’s life. No premeditation or intent is a necessary component of the charge.

• DUI accidents: Injuring or causing the death of another person as a result of an accident resulting from driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol may result in felony charges of DUI manslaughter and/or DUI with serious bodily injury.

• Guns and weapons charges: Use of a gun or weapon – any assault, battery or homicide charge may include an additional charge of deadly force or weapons charge if the person accused of the crime was carrying, used or threatened to use a gun, knife or another deadly weapon during the act.

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