The Thorough Defense You Need Against Complex Financial Crimes

With each passing year, our financial system becomes more and more complex, with billions of dollars traded between banks and money brokers over the internet. The Florida state attorney’s office and federal investigators are cracking down on fraud and other white collar economic crimes, often accusing people of crimes when no illegal activity was intended.

The prosecutor already has a head start. In many cases involving white collar economic crimes, investigators have been watching you and gathering information for weeks and months before filing charges.

Our white collar crime attorneys at Ringsmuth, Day & O’Halloran, PLLC, in Fort Myers, have more than 70 years of combined experience successfully protecting the rights of people accused of complex financial crimes. We understand the technical issues involved in mail, wire and bank fraud, and we know how the assistant state attorney or federal prosecutor will prepare the evidence against you.

We move quickly to get your defense ready against the prosecutor’s case and prepare the most effective defense strategies by staying one step ahead of the prosecutors.

Financial fraud charges are complex and often require an in-depth understanding of accounting, banking and investment law to investigate and prepare a strong defense. We use our reputation to gain access to forensic accountants, financial experts and other independent specialists to challenge the prosecutor’s evidence.

Our lawyers have a record of successfully representing people charged with white collar economic crimes such as (but not limited to):

Mortgage or loan fraud
Check forgery, credit card theft and bank fraud
• Embezzlement charges
• Scheme to defraud
• Tax evasion
• Money laundering schemes related to narcotics charges
• Welfare fraud
• Medicare and Medicaid fraud

From The Initial Investigation Through The Final Resolution, We Are Here For You

As soon as you have been contacted by the police or federal investigator, or have received a letter notifying you that you are the target or person of interest in a grand jury investigation, take a proactive approach. Do not wait to find out what will happen next. We handle all components of your case and will begin advising you of your rights from the first question through the final disposition.

Call us at 239-332-2500, or contact our offices by email to arrange a free initial case evaluation.