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A Strong Defense Strategy Against Serious Charges

Under Florida law, battery is a more serious charge than assault. Battery charges can be filed if there is evidence of physical contact with criminal intent to cause injury or harm to another person.

Battery charges often stem from a heated argument or set of circumstances in which emotions get out of control and, literally, push comes to shove. If one party can demonstrate that physical contact occurred as a result of threats or violent behavior, the police may press charges.

Like assault, battery charges can be very subjective and police often take the word of one person over another, subsequently labeling that person “victim” at the scene of the offense. In many cases, people charged with battery are put into the position of having to prove they were legally using physical force only out of fear for their own safety.

Aggravated Battery

Battery may be elevated to a felony offense if the victim suffers serious bodily injury or if a dangerous weapon is used in the incident. The consequences of being convicted of an aggravated battery are severe — some carrying minimum mandatory prison sentences.

We Know The Law: Without Criminal Intent, Battery Charges Shouldn’t Stick

If you were charged with battery, call a criminal defense lawyer at Ringsmuth, Day & O’Halloran, PLLC, as soon as possible. An effective defense often requires immediately interviewing witnesses and investigating the circumstances of the incident. Our firm is 100 percent dedicated to your criminal defense. We are each former assistant state attorneys with years of experience prosecuting — and now defending — people charged with assault, battery and other violent crimes.

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An effective defense in cases involving physical violence requires getting a qualified, experienced defense lawyer on your side as soon as possible. There are almost always extenuating circumstances behind battery offenses. Without sound legal advice, you run the risk of saying something that will give the prosecutor incriminating evidence to use against you at trial. Make sure you have a lawyer from Ringsmuth, Day & O’Halloran on your side as soon as possible.

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